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Research & Consultancy

Knowledge is the basis for all major (real estate) decisions. We have the knowledge that you are looking for. Whether it is local, regional, national or even international information, the Research & Consultancy department has all the expertise to answer the most complex issues you're facing. Besides the knowledge of the historical and contemporary market, we have a vision on the developments in the market with t he eye to the future, what makes our advice is future-proof.

Netherlands: central research team of 4 people
EMEA: more than 50 people
Worldwide: more than 150 people

We not only offer information, we transfer knowledge

We have very comprehensive databases, allowing us to have information about various real estate and economic markets for over 25 years in the past. While this information is important, our specialists can help you interpreting the information and to understand how the market in the (near) future will perform on the basis of market trends. That is our added value.

Our information reaches far back into the past, where our databases contains the following information:

  • Market information on office, industrial, retail, hotel and residential space
  • Market indicators for all real estate sectors with more than 25 years of history
  • The latest market information, insight into transactions and trends and market changes linked to real estate
  • Economic and financial data
  • Geographic information (the visualisation of data) associated with demographic, economic and real estate information

Our advice enriched with knowledge of brokers and surveyors

The Research & Consultancy department is in close contact with all brokers and surveyors working at C&W. An advice of the Research & Consultancy department is always enriched with the knowledge of other departments to give you the best possible advice.


Some of the possibilities that the Research & Consultancy department offers you are:

  • Strategic advice for your organization; answers to questions like: "what real estate you can best focus on", "which locations offer a perspective for investment or development" and "how can I get more out of my current portfolio"
  • Assessing the potential of a development or investment; explain your development or investment issue to us and we can objectively assess whether the proposed development or investment is feasible, whether there is a market for and how big your risk is if the project continues.
  • Obtaining property information and forecasts; do you need an update of real estate and/or economic indicators on a regular basis, or do you want to know what the projections for the future are? We can provide insight into the data when you need it.
  • Providing insight into real estate information; Need to know where the transactions in the area of your property actually take place? Or do you need to see more historical changes in a shopping street by object? We offer you the possibility to link real estate information on geographic information so that the information you need is easily visible on a map.


Besides all the possibilities that of our Research & Consultancy team offers you, this team also provides publications on regular basis. Some examples of our publications are:

  • Snapshots: quarterly a one-page overview of what is going on in the different real estate markets
  • Investment Market Beat: How much money is invested in Dutch real estate? Which parties are active? And how is this year compared to previous years? Our Investment Market Beat provides quarterly insight into the most recent transactions and trends in the investment market
  • Sector reports: Do you want to know how The Netherlands compares to other European or global cities? Read one of our sector reports, which are a benchmark for various real estate sectors
The team also provides other unique publications such as the PC Hooftstraat report and the Guide to Logistics, which give you annually insight into specific (real estate) markets in the Netherlands.


The Research & Consultancy team of Cushman & Wakefield distinguish on the following points:

  • Communication with the client; understanding the (latent) needs of the client and come to a positive result based on these wishes;
  • Excellent cooperation with other departments within C&W;
  • Combination of experience, enthusiasm and innovation in one department;
  • Reports are prepared by a RICS member;
  • C&W is RICS regulated and has quality and integrity as core values;
  • C&W Research & Consultancy is always looking for innovation and the best way to provide its clients with the best possible advice.