Rent Review

Strategy, opportunities and risks. That is what at rent review is about, regulated in Article 7:303 of the Civil Code. The experts of Cushman & Wakefield can help with a transparent advice. We can assist you on every front of service.

What we offer you

An adequate indication of possible outcomes and risks of rent review. Within the optimal and appropriate legal frameworks. 

From individual retail units to shopping malls. 

You will find experts at Cushman & Wakefield for advice on rent review. Eg for A1 retail locations. Practical or strategic, we are there for you.

We provide:

  • Describe the object and environment.
  • Proces reference data  in a calculation model.
  • Negotiate with the counterparty.
  • Capture the agreements.

Strategic quick scan of the shopping area.

Do you want a quick picture of the opportunities of a shopping area? We advise you. With a quick scan, we identify the situation. Results from this provide a strategy and plan of action. On any questions you have, you get an answer from our experts.

For example:

  • Lease management of shopping centers.
  • Optimisation of the shopping area, retail mix, layout and routing
  • Optimisation of the rent flows and investment value with rent reviews, renewals, relocations and possible buyout.


Jeroen Boogaard

Partner - Head of Valuation Process Innovations

Partner - Head of Valuation Process Innovations

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