Investment Marketbeat Q1 2018

Frank van der Sluys

Head of Research


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The first quarter of 2018 registered a EUR 2.5 billion total investment volume, which is stable compared the same period in 2017. All segments experienced a quite stable performance, except for hotels, which registered a record-high investment volume of EUR 386 million. Out of various segments, the office market witnessed the highest investment volume of EUR 945 million, equalling 39% of the total volume. The residential market registered the second largest investment volume with EUR 459 million (19%), followed by the hotel market as mentioned before and the retail market in which a volume of EUR 352 million (14%) was invested.

  • During the first quarter of 2018, foreign investors registered an astonishing investment volume of 79% in hotels and 56% in the offices, while other segments were dominated by domestic investors. Most active foreign investors were German (34%), followed by Anglo-Saxon (33%) and investors from Singapore (9.1%). 
  • Analysing the investment volume, domestic investors take a 54% share of the total volume. Most popular segments among domestic investors were offices, 31%, and residential with a 30% share. Foreign investors - representing 46% of total investment volume – were mostly interested in offices, 47%, and hotels, with 27% of the total foreign investment volume.