Netherlands Investment Marketbeat Q4 2016

Frank van der Sluys

Head of Research


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The full report

  • 2016 registered a record high volume of € 14.8 billion, as capital was widely available and investors’ appetite was high, while prime yields dropped in all segments.
  • The Office investment market remained the most dominant segment with an investment volume of € 6.1 billion, thus accounting for 41% of this years’ volume, whereas the second largest share (28%) was the record high volume of € 4.2 billion on the Residential investment market. Competition for the third place remained fierce, as Retail investments reached a volume of € 1.7 billion. While the Industrial & Logistics segment just dropped behind with an investment volume of € 1.6 billion.
  • 2017 is expected to register a healthy investor’s appetite, although interest might slightly increase in combination with less available objects for sale which could eventually lead to a subdued investment volume. Nevertheless, a volume of € 14.0 billion is not inconceivable, whereas retail investments are forecast to improve. The share of foreign investors will like to remain stable around 50% of volume, while capital sources continue to remain widespread and the availability of large portfolio’s (i.e. big tickets) at desired yield levels is decreasing.
  • Exceptions should be tempered as a result of the current political turmoil sparked by events such as Brexit, Donald J. Trump as POTUS and the upcoming elections in major EU countries in the midst of a populist upswing. These all could lead to more economic uncertainties