Investment Marketbeat - Netherlands - Q3 2016

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2016: A new record year

  • 2016 expected to be record breaking with an investment volume over € 12 billion.
  • Total investment volume of the Netherlands in the first three quarters of 2016 sums up to € 7.5 billion.
  • The Office market is expected to remain the largest investment sector until the end of the year. With an investment volume of € 3.15 billion in the first three quarters, this is up 80% in comparison with the same period in 2015.
  • The Residential market is in second position registering an investment volume of nearly € 2 billion. Whereas the Retail market takes the third spot with an investment volume of € 1.08 billion, which is € 38.6 million higher than the Industrial & Logistic investment volume of € 1.04 billion.
  • Capital sources remain widespread in type and nationality, whereas private equity investors, institutional investors and pension funds are forecast to expand their investment volumes.
  • Yields compress in all segments and mainly in the Randstad region.